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I have not actually worked on a regular job since 2008, and I know when you don't have the money you can still make money making digital art and programming.

Well, I looked online for comments about renting programs, because I really don't think it is the best idea, but when people are out of work and all the programs they rent are cut off then they have nothing to make money. I support free programs, and have had Photoshop 7 since it came out in 2002.

Now if you do the math you would find out if I rented Photoshop since 2002 and I am still using it, then how much would I pay for the current price.

15x12=180   180x20=3600

So instead of paying $600 I would have paid $3600 and keep going because I still don't own it. 
When Photoshop first started this rent thing a lot of people didn't like it, and some people didn't mind paying $36 a month, now it is around $20 a month, but there is no way to know when the price will start rising. The only thing that might stop them is the free programs people can use instead.

When you started renting a place you should keep track of how much you paid for rent. Maybe you have paid for a few houses that is not yours.
If you can save up and buy a home then you will not need to pay 3 times the price to pay it off. Or, the car that you would pay for two just like it for the one you have. 
Maybe you trade in you year old car so you can keep renting a car and end up paying more for factory defects, and losing time from work because it broke down. You can't pay anything when you are losing money by missing work. 
When you get old and can't work then you will not have anything to live off, and disability waits two years to weed out the people who can't live without money for two year or more when they reject your claim to your money you paid, and they keep when you die. I am a survivor, I am just recovering from surgery from having my gallbladder removed. I still see a better future. I just will not see it in renting software.
My very first landlord was caught taking carpets out of the house I was renting while I was at work, and they had buyers looking at the house while I was working. So, while I was renting my there was nothing off limits to them. I could be taking a bath and they could have people over to look at the bathroom. 

After I bought Photoshop 7 they made changes, by checking the version and the key to see if it was paid for every time I opened it. So, I wrote them a letter saying I paid for the program and since you know it is paid for you should not need to harass me like that. If I sold you a painting I would not have the right to just walk in your house every day when I want to see if you paid me for it. That is when they stopped doing that, and that was in 2011 when had it for 9 years. 
I can't help what others do, but I can't blame them for anything ether. I saw someone who just got Windows in the mail and the key code could not be used because someone else had it, and it was Microsoft at fault for making that separate, and not embedding the code in the program so nobody can get it, or use it on a fake copy. So, for the first time I was sure it was fine for them to find another key code. 
I know I argued with people on the phone that would not activate my Windows because they claimed someone was using it. I wanted to prove I had the original version because the cd had a code on it, but they didn't want to hear it. I just knew they were not going to do anything, so I hung up and called back so I would get someone else. They were fine with activating it, they said I had that version long enough it could not be activated online, and it had to be called in, so it is hard to trust the people who activate Windows to know they are not denying people activation and then selling the key code for extra money.


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Archie Chipps
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
This is a more recent picture of me, and if I look like I have big feet, big hands, and a big body, but a small head then you see it right. I have a small head and reality is not proportionate as books like to claim.

I currently live in North Georgia, in Dahlonega.

I am growing old and fat, but I think I am in great shape health wise.
I started working to become an artist when I was 8, which was in 1966. I did say I was old, and I was not able to draw on a computer until 1994 with Photoshop 2.5 LE.

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I always use a mouse because tablets use EM field to detect where the pen tip is. My hand has more Electro Magnetic energy than the pen tip. It is enough to mess up a tablet for 6 months, from one hour of use.
So, I use a mouse. A mouse is a good tool, and cheaper that a tablet.


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