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Making Brushes in PhotoshopWhen I want to draw a ribbon I used two pencils to keep the same distance to create the twisted ribbon effect. I will explain how to make a brush do that.
The Brush tip needs to be square, and anything that is not square will be deformed and made square. The brush tip also needs to have a white background to form a square with unused areas.
To make a parallel line you select a square area by using the Shift key. You can use this image for the brush tip to create the ribbon brush.
(You can download this, but try right clicking and select copy with the image below.)

If you paste this image in a new file the image size is 72x72 pixels. After you do, select it so you can do the next step.
Then you use Edit>Define Brush Preset...
That creates your brush tip.
Now while you have the brush tool selected you will see a tab on the top bar to the right called Brushes. If it don't open with Brush Presets selected, select that now to find you
The MouseI know a lot of people would like a tablet, but for those that can't use a tablet or can't afford one the best thing you can do is get better at using the mouse and set it up to make it easier to use. Here are some things that can make the mouse much easier to use.
Mouse Settings
Most mouse setting can move the cursor on the screen a lot more than you move the mouse. It can help you click on buttons quicker but for art it makes little mistakes look a lot bigger. If you are forced to move the mouse more on the desk to make it draw a short line then you would need to make a lot of big mistakes to notice them, but too much of that will include a lot of mistakes than one quick move. If you go to your mouse settings in the control panel you can adjust the speed of the mouse to change how far it needs to move on the desk to how it moves on the screen so it feel better for your art. Just starting out you might want to slow the mouse down a lot. Then as you get better with
Digital ArtLike most art patterns and strokes are used to imitate visual effects. If you drew with a pencil and made cursive (s) for leaf patterns on a tree or scribbled in a pattern for drawing hair, you know what I mean. A lot of effects used with oil painting or acrylic like sponge patterns for leaves or cotton ball clouds can be done in a few art programs with filters like Photoshop, or they can be drawn freehand.
Digital art is not like a pencil or a brush you have to keep changing colors before your scribbles or patterns become on solid color. You don't want most of your strokes to merge unless it is part of the pattern to have some areas blend.
Hard brush stokes gives shapes to things like leaves, grass, bark, gravel, or anything full of many. Lower settings adds blending to those shapes, and can remove some shapes by too much blending. Every pattern needs a small area to start working until you find a pattern and how to do them using the right type and size brush. Some patterns do need ch

The old mouse pad is not good for a laser mouse, because the fibers can trap small hairs, and fibers that roll around sending the mouse in all directions or roll and stay in the laser and make the mouse get stuck. The old mouse pad needs to stay very clean from fibers and hairs or it is no good.

A lot of places has a nice cutting board made with plastic, and they are as thin as a mouse pad and come in different sizes. The plastic is neoprene, and it is the same stuff as the pads on your mouse that makes it slide better, and may have fallen off. You might need some good tape (like Duct Tape or something with contact cement) to keep it from sliding around, or you might get some tacky rubber mat to hold it in place. What ever you use might not hold for long because neoprene is non-slick and nothing can really stick to it, but it makes a great surface to slide the mouse around.


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Archie Chipps
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
This is a more recent picture of me, and if I look like I have big feet, big hands, and a big body, but a small head then you see it right. I have a small head and reality is not proportionate as books like to claim.

I currently live in North Georgia, in Dahlonega.

I am growing old and fat, but I think I am in great shape health wise.
I started working to become an artist when I was 8, which was in 1966. I did say I was old, and I was not able to draw on a computer until 1994 with Photoshop 2.5 LE.

DA Portfolio
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I always use a mouse because tablets use EM field to detect where the pen tip is. My hand has more Electro Magnetic energy than the pen tip. It is enough to mess up a tablet for 6 months, from one hour of use.
So, I use a mouse. A mouse is a good tool, and cheaper that a tablet.


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