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I have been thinking of a lot of science fiction stories I could write, but I am thinking if making something more fictional. 

I have a few ideas for characters, names and thinking of better ways to sort of pretend they exist to help develop the character I will put in a comedy, but right now I am thinking more about fantasy. 
I have a name of a story just for some brief thing for the story and I wrote my ideas for it. I know a lot of the stories I wrote before and displayed online seem to end up as a movie or tv series. So, I can't claim I wrote them or they took my idea when I showed the story online. 
This time I am keeping it secret, because it is unusual like my other stories, and I don't want to help anyone make money from my new idea. 

I can imagine it as something great, and worth writing about, and it is a lot of imagination going into it. So I will fight telling about it beyond the title. I am calling it "The Impossible World". I hope saying this is not enough to have my idea used in a tv show. It is a world swap of parallel worlds, where other worlds don't follow the laws of nature, and you can see impossible things happen.

I was also thinking of making a comedy, and I guess I could make this a little funny, like when everything goes wrong it goes as far as showing impossible things happen to make things worse. So, what I can do with some things I actually saw that helps me imagine this story, really makes it seem like a great story. 
I guess when the story is over you might wonder if time is a real thing. 
I plan on leaving the reader at the end, but have a lot to think about, with a new concept of what we never though about before.
My notes has more, but I hope this is not enough to have other people working off of this idea. 


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Archie Chipps
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United States
This is a more recent picture of me, and if I look like I have big feet, big hands, and a big body, but a small head then you see it right. I have a small head and reality is not proportionate as books like to claim.

I currently live in North Georgia, in Dahlonega.

I am growing old and fat, but I think I am in great shape health wise.
I started working to become an artist when I was 8, which was in 1966. I did say I was old, and I was not able to draw on a computer until 1994 with Photoshop 2.5 LE.

DA Portfolio
Email /

I always use a mouse because tablets use EM field to detect where the pen tip is. My hand has more Electro Magnetic energy than the pen tip. It is enough to mess up a tablet for 6 months, from one hour of use.
So, I use a mouse. A mouse is a good tool, and cheaper that a tablet.

Website for programming example, with some art. I still need to make a left console to use more button links


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asinnelius Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  New Deviant
hey arch, is there anything i can do for you?
achipps Featured By Owner Edited Jan 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not really. I have benn taking it easy, and applying for jobs I don't get. It always the same old thing. 

I was working on a website and thinking about changing how the recipes are setup. Normally people just read the recipe and follow it. I did that much and I included the nutrition facts. I have a setup that I used once that can select the ingredients and enter the amount, like 3 cups of flour. You select the flour and put in how much, and when you have all the ingredients and amounts, it greats the recipe with the nutrition facts. Right now I am using nutrition facts I total up, and I think it would be good to make it divide into servings by what people get. Like you bake a cake and the nutrition facts says the cake in cut into 12 slices. I am going to change that so people can say how many slices they get, so the nutrition facts can show how much is in one slice. 
Then I am going to get the ingredients setup again to list each all the ingredients I have, so people can find what they need to setup a recipe and get the nutrition facts. 

I deleted what I had, because I wanted to have options like to use teaspoon or cups, and by selecting one the program calculates the amount for teaspoons or cups. Every ingredient is set up for tablespoons, so when it is broken down to teaspoons it divides by 3, because there are 3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon, and a cup has 16 tablespoons, so it will multiply the amount by 16 to show cups.

All this might sound complicated, and I am doing all this programming, I just like to get feed back on what I have and if my idea of making the recipe adjustable, like using a substitute, and the nutrition facts recalculate to show the changes, or if someone sees 3 cups of sugar and thinks 2 cups is sweet enough, then the calories, and sugar drops to show that change. It is just something I am working on to improve my programming skills, and use what I can do as an example. Maybe someone can see what I can do and hire me to build them a website, or an online inventory for more than one store. 

I know some registers can change the inventory, like when people buy a shop light that model of shop light is removed from inventory, and when someone wants tile, but the store don't have it the check the other stores. When I go online to see if someone has enough ceiling tile and I need 60 cartons and they have 3, then I call to get them to oder more, because it is a waste of gas to find out they don't have what I was there for. That is a problem with a lot of online stores, and what they show is not what they have, or they have more.

People like that don't hire me to fix it, like they don't care. So, I need to show examples of how things can work with many different things I create. 

I have DVD movies listed of every thing I have, and I have digital movies and tv shows, and it includes actors information and movie information and I have a theater to show some example movies. With TV shows like Agent Carter I show any episode that is in the right folder, so if the episode is there then people can watch it. Agent Carter is the only one I have online, but the page is made to show anything that is online. 

I created a flower shop for the employee to shop for the customer, and they select or add a person and the flower arrangements they want, and then the shopping cart shows the total with tax so they can pay, and get a receipt. Then I have other website stuff like my media art and art, and 3d stuff for downloading, stories and other projects, I didn't get into, but started like making a forum. 

I din't have a cell phone, and I built all of this for a PC. I was thinking that the reason people didn't hire me when they see my examples was because it is not for a cell phone. I worked on the recipes so it can work with a smart phone. My cell phone don't show the background and I need to zoom in to do anything, but I think the recipe area works good for a cell phone. 

I have themes so people can chose how they want it to look when they visit, and it changes and stays that way when they look around the website. I created a file manager so people can upload files to the website, but I don't let anyone see more than a picture of it, because it can delete and mess up my website is anyone can change things, so the only ones that can see it needs to login and have administration rights.

So, I did a lot of building to this website, and I like to get a comment on what you think.
asinnelius Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  New Deviant
ah, ur a self taught person?

u sure you have not been hired by anyone to do something?
like a constant 0 feedback and visit?

website like thatcould spark up lots of conversation.
achipps Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I learn how to do everything on my own, from fixing electronics, building cars, houses, and computers. I even repair the main board on computers. 
I learned how to do programming because I wanted to use my art on everything I saw on the computer, and learned the script for websites from right clicking and select View Source. I learned CSS from MS Front Page script. I learn Javascript from things in the Javascript Bible. I learned Java from college, and learned how to start building my own php database websites and where to learn more. At one time I turned my computer into a website host, and ran my website for years. People hacked the computer, so I used old scrap computers I fixed, and kept fixing when hackers burned out parts and circuits. 

I am kind of getting tired of learning more, because I don't make money at know how to do a lot, and I might need to always look for work and force to be my own business again.
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Centurion030 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017
Happy birthday!!!
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